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  /  Top News   /  The Fed Wanted Inflation, Now They Have No Idea What to Do

The Fed Wanted Inflation, Now They Have No Idea What to Do

In this episode of Radio Rothbard, Ryan McMaken and Tho Bishop take a look back at previous statements by current members of the Fed. For years, the Fed said the biggest problem was a lack of inflation. Now, with inflation at historic heights, is there any reason to believe the Federal Reserve is prepared for what to do next?

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“Real Wages Fall Again as Inflation Surges and the Fed Plays the Blame Game” by Ryan McMaken:

“Do Inflationary Expectations Cause Inflation? Contra Krugman, the Answer Is No” by Frank Shostak:

“The Fed Can’t Fix the Economy, but It Can Break It” by Jon Wolfenbarger:

“Kashkari Said What?” by Robert Aro:

Understanding Money Mechanics by Robert P. Murphy:

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