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There is nothing more important to living beings today than air and water. Nonetheless, every country, from the United States to Africa, Europe to Australia, is having difficulty obtaining water for its daily needs. We’ve reached a point when identifying

The stock exchange is the most renowned avenue of investing money in most economies. Theterm, “investing” might seem analogous with “seeking value”. However, that is often not the case.Most investors invest their money going by market sentiment, and based on

For three decades, he was everywhere. The capital’s airport, a city and some of the best universities and schools were named after him, and at the center of the Nur-Sultan city, he constructed a white steel tower with a gold

On the 2nd of January, Kazakhstan (a country we don’t hear about often) erupted in protest, surprising everyone. The fact of the matter is, if I played a ‘Which dinosaur are you?’ game with the Central Asian countries, Kazakhstan would

The Indian Army’s new combat uniform was introduced on 15th January, celebrated as Army Day every year in India. A contingent of Parachute Regiment commandos dressed in the new uniforms marched in the Army Day parade held at the Cariappa

Netflix’s special new price drop for subscriptions is revolutionary as this is the first time Netflix has reduced its subscription prices. The monthly subscription price for the basic plan is now just for Rs. 199 from Rs. 499, the standard

SAYDNAYA (Syrian prison) IS THE END OF LIFE – THE END OF HUMANITY.-Former guard at Saydnaya "Abu Muhammed" Source – Al Bawaba The condition of human rights in Syria has been another long battle that the country has been fighting. It has