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The Fed claims 2 percent inflation promotes "price stability." However, that policy also causes the boom-and-bust cycle, which is anything but stable. Original Article: "How the Policy of Price Stability Generates Greater Economic Instability" This Audio Mises Wire is generously sponsored by Christopher Condon.

Imagine a hypothetical libertarian paradise (“Paradise”) that seeks only to live in peace and harmony with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, the rest of the world is not as pacifistic as Paradise; indeed, it has at least a few

[Chapter 3 of Per Bylund's new book How to Think about the Economy: A Primer.] Economics is often faulted for being “ideological”—for promoting free markets. This is a misunderstanding. The free market in economics is a model—an analytical tool. It excludes complicating circumstances and

The money supply is on a long and fast downward trajectory. This points toward recession and is just one more indicator of economic weakness in addition to negative GDP and an inverted yield curve.  Original Article: "In Latest Recession Signal, Money-Supply Growth

New Jersey became one of the latest states in 2022 to ban single-use bags. In 2014, California became the first state to ban of use plastic bags. Since then, several states have followed including New York, Oregon, and Washington for

Is there a case for an American empire? Professor Nigel Biggar of Oxford University believes so, but David Gordon sets him straight. Original Article: "Biggar Thy Neighbor" This Audio Mises Wire is generously sponsored by Christopher Condon. '

Allegedly, Republicans appeal to racism via “dog whistles” or the “Southern Strategy” and the like, but that brings up the question, “Do Republicans have an economic incentive to appeal to racists?” If racism is a “winning” issue, why don’t Republicans win