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  /  Top News   /  Patrick Newman on Cronyism in Early US History

Patrick Newman on Cronyism in Early US History

Patrick Newman is a fellow at the Mises Institute who have just published his new book. He talks about Rothbard’s approach to history, whether the US revolution was libertarian, and the proper way to interpret Andrew Jackson.

Mentioned in the Episode and Other Links of Interest:

Patrick Newman’s new book Cronyism: Liberty vs. Power in Early America, 1607-1849Patrick’s previous appearance on ep. 49 of the Bob Murphy ShowDan Sanchez’s article on Andrew Jackson’s fight with Nicholas Biddle over the Second Bank of the United StatesBob’s review of MMT (including Andrew Jackson’s payoff of the federal debt)The YouTube version of this interview

For more information, see The Bob Murphy Show is also available on Apple Podcasts, Google PodcastsStitcher, Spotify, and via RSS.


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