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  /  Top News   /  Ross Benes on America’s Rural Rebellion

Ross Benes on America’s Rural Rebellion

Politics degrades our lives in innumerable ways, from personal relationships to work to places of worship. Even sports and movies now seem to have become deeply politicized. The political class and political system in America appear intent on creating division and hatred rather than cooperation. The two political tribes in America—red and blue—are divided on everything: abortion, guns, immigration, Trump, and now Covid. Is there any way to reclaim some semblance of a truce between these warring nations?

Our guest Ross Benes has written an engrossing memoir of his experiences in both worlds, from small town life in his ultra-red Nebraska hometown to his writing career in ultra-blue Brooklyn. It’s a fascinating look at how and why we have allowed politicians to alienate us, and a hopeful call for a less political America.  

Find Rural Rebellion: How Nebraska Became a Republican Stronghold​  at

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